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Michelle Warren About


Michelle is a leading force in the commercial furniture industry with 27 years of experience. Holding executive positions on the manufacturing and dealer side, she is known as a strategist with a passion to distill difficult topics for easy learning and selling. Her talents resulted in unprecedented sales growth throughout her career and ultimately led her to the public sector; demystifying how to position product sales to the government. Her success and easy to understand approach lead her to open Catalyst in 2021.

Michelle has been recognized as an innovator in strategic selling to the Federal Government, State/Local Government, Higher Education and Cooperative Purchasing. She is also known for her willingness to mentor and elevate women in the furniture world.

On a personal note, Michelle has never met a dog she didn’t like. Her beagle, Zoe is her pride and joy. She loves meeting people (and dogs) and making connections happen. She is a serial networker at heart. Michelle resides in Dagsboro, Delaware.

If you want to connect with Michelle, you can reach her at [email protected].

What are people saying


EVP of Sales | Fellowes Contract Interiors

  • Michelle built a government program and team at ESI/Fellowes over her 5 years adding millions of dollars in incremental government sales year over year. It is safe to say, Michelle is an experienced industry strategist, a savvy expert in the focused vertical markets we play in, and a growth-oriented leader.


Principal | Integrity Contract Office

  • Michelle is a pleasure to work with and a wealth of GSA knowledge.  When I started my former position as Allseating’s Interim Director of Government Sales, she "took me under her wing” and shared her personal wisdom as well as teaching me where to go to find more answers on my own.  The more questions I asked, the more apparent it became how knowledgeable she was is well as how connected she is to the public sector community.  I would highly recommend Michelle to any organization seeking guidance in the government/ public sector arena!


Principal | Pink Gemini Reps

  • I have known Michelle for ten years and would highly recommend her as an expert in contract interiors.  She is intelligent, creative, fun to work with, and a strategic thinker.  Public sector work is where Michelle really shines; she understands how to leverage contracts like no one else in the industry.


President and CEO | Neutral Posture

  • Michelle is highly qualified and extremely knowledgeable about the furniture industry, distribution networks, selling to commercial clients and selling to government agencies.  She has extensive experience in creating distribution programs that help create loyalty and increase revenue.  She knows how to build strong relationships and she has an impeccable reputation.


Chief Executive Officer | INDEAL

  • Michelle is big thinker and a trail blazer.  Her knowledge of the various components of the ecosystem of the commercial furniture interiors industry is second to none.  Michelle brings new perspective to every organization that she has been a part of and I would not highly recommend her to anyone!


Founder & Principal | embark CCT 

  • I’ve worked with Michelle for many years.  She has an in depth knowledge of the industry and well versed in helping manufacturers and dealers develop key vertical market strategies to grow their business.


VP, Sales and Marketing | Indiana Furniture

  • Michelle has been a well-respected and valuable resource for many in our industry through her willingness to share her experience and knowledge as a peer, a supplier and advisor in multiple roles.  I trust her input on any subject to be honest, no-nonsense and come from her broad perspective of the industry.


Senior Principal | Director of WorkPlace, HOK

  • I have known Michelle for ten years and would highly recommend her as an expert in contract interiors.  She is intelligent, creative, fun to work with, and a strategic thinker.  Public sector work is where Michelle really shines; she understands how to leverage contracts like no one else in the industry.


National Sales Manager | Mayer Fabrics

  • Michelle Warren and I met through a group called Executive Forum. This is a group of Sales Managers/VP of Sales that network together about sales, sales representatives, dealers, A&D, government and contracts.  Michelle’s energetic personality and knowledge of sales, government and contracts is a huge benefit to our group. Just recently, Michelle was able to share her knowledge with my company about the VHA IDIQ. She was able to explain how the IDIQ works and how products go out to bid. She was also aware that on this contract anything that is part of the TAA program can be purchased. Personally, I would love to have a Michelle working at my company! I am sure we will be using her for more information down the road.


Chief Commercial Officer | 9to5 Seating

  • I have had the pleasure of working for and with Michelle over the last 15 years. Her overall industry knowledge and specifically public sector knowledge is excellent. She not only understands the manufactures standpoint, but also understands the end user and dealers concerns and challenges. This insight is what gives Michelle such a unique perspective and ability to deliver the best overall strategy. I highly recommend working with Michelle, she is a true asset to any company.


Director of Sales | Nightingale Corp.

  • Michelle has the ability to instill confidence and calm within a few minutes of meeting her. The level of industry knowledge and foresight she has garnered over her 2 (plus) decades of experience makes her one of the furniture industries true leaders. Michelle has an amazing capacity to listen, this allows her to construct a unique and tailored approach with each client and account.


Vice President | Workspace Sales Solutions 

  • A go to resource is Michelle Warren! Her furniture industry knowledge has amazed me these past 20+ years.  Working with Michelle growing cooperative contracts in the public sector has been remarkable. She is a creative thinker and executes to the plan.  As part of that plan, you must have dealer programs to grow the business and reps who know the business.  Michelle has created several plans, trained, and executed to those plans.


Consultant | FSS Schedule 71

  • I have worked with Michelle Warren for almost 15 years from her days with AIS to Fellowes.  Michelle’s collaborative and innovative spirit make her the go-to expert for public sector and Federal Government markets. Michelle has remarkable creativity, dedication and forward-thinking strategies. Michelle is detail-oriented, organized and always open to constructive feedback, making our business relationship long lasting, pleasant, and productive.

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