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January 2022 - Delving Into the Public Sector

As we kick off a new year many of you probably have an annual ritual you do. When I googled some different new years’ topics, I came across a lot of different traditions and actions people take. I also came across many quotes for the New Year. The first one I saw seemed appropriate for this article: A New Year brings new grace for new accomplishments.

Personally, do you make new years’ resolutions? Do you select a word of the year? Do you create a vision board for the year? Whatever you do personally, I encourage you to do the same for your professional life. What is it you want to accomplish in 2022? The new year has brought you new grace so what are the new accomplishments you want to make?

For those of you who have been reading my articles in Delve over the past year, you know I am a planner. I love the plan with the knowledge that plans can and should change and fluctuate as unanticipated things happen (hello Covid!!) I also love goals. For me, goal setting is such an important part of everyday life. A good goal gives us something to reach for. Smaller goals allow for something to celebrate along the way to the Big Harry Audacious Goal (BHAG.) Goals can be long term or short term, and I encourage you to have both and many! What is the BHAG you want for your career? What are the short term or smaller goals you need to meet to get there?

In order for goals to be motivational, I believe you need to have the opportunity to celebrate small success along the way. So set the big goals that could be a promotion/new job/enhanced role or it can be a BHAG sales goal. Then focus in on some smaller more targeted goals like an account you want to penetrate or a contract you want to win that is a steppingstone to getting you to your BHAG. Think BIG! Believe BIG! David J. Schwartz PHD says in his book, The Magic of Thinking Big, “Those who believe they can move mountains, do. Those who believe they can’t, cannot.” Make your goals big BUT you need to believe you can achieve them!

What should you do after you have determined your goals for 2022?

  1. Once you create your goals you need them to be visible to you regularly. Print them out and put them up so you can see them. In the mirror in the bathroom when you get ready. In your office/workstation so you seem them daily. Create a screen saver for your computer and/or phone so you can see them as often as possible. Human nature would show if you do not keep the goals front of mind you may veer off the path to the goal- I fondly refer to this as chasing the shiny objects (I do love me some shiny objects!)

  2. Schedule time to revisit the goals and make sure you are on track to meet those goals or allow for the opportunity to adjust due to unforeseen circumstances. Give yourself the grace you need to be flexible with these as there are things out of your control and some goals may get delayed, but that doesn’t always mean that they should be removed completely- extend yourself the grace to extend the deadline for the goal.

  3. Add new goals if circumstances have changed and you are moving in a new direction. Add some small goals if you find that the ones you initially elected do not allow you to celebrate successes along the way.

  4. Celebrate the successes!! What is something that you can do to celebrate when you accomplish the small goals on the way to the BHAG? Plan the celebrations and do them. I have heard it said often that salespeople are “coin operated.” I think to an extent this is true, but more so I believe we all appreciate rewards for a job well done. What reward do you want to give yourself for hitting that small goal? What is your reward for hitting the BHAG? The anticipation of the reward can be motivation enough for some of us to continue on days we are tired, or feel beat up, or don’t win the most recent project/account/sale/contract we went after.

Set your goals.

Believe in yourself.

Show yourself grace.

Have an amazing 2022!

About Michelle Warren

Michelle Warren is President of Catalyst Consulting Group, a firm specializing in providing strategic solutions to the commercial furniture industry to enhance their sales, positioning, and distribution.

With 25 years of industry experience on the dealer and manufacturer side of the industry, Michelle has been recognized as an innovator in selling to the Federal Government, State/ Local Government, Higher Education and Cooperative Purchasing. Her expertise includes: sales strategies, strategic planning, 3-5 year road mapping, targeted marketing plans, distribution development, hiring reps, and training for reps and/or dealers.

She is known as a “serial networker” in the furniture industry and enjoys meeting people and making connections happen. If you’re interested in connecting - reach out at: [email protected], connect on LinkedIn or visit to learn more about her work.


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