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Michelle Warren | President

Michelle has been in the commercial furniture industry for over 25 years with experience on the dealer and manufacturer side of the industry. She has experience at the EVP, VP, and National Sales Manager level for large and small manufacturers. Michelle is passionate about helping businesses grow sales through developing targeted programs, creating strategy and focused new business development. She is experienced in hiring reps, creating dealer programs, creating and managing marketing programs. Michelle has spent the last 5 years of her career on the manufacturer side creating programs to target and selling to the Federal Government, State/Local Government, Higher Education through strategic contracts and Cooperative Purchasing.


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Explore what is needed for a successful sales program through commercial furniture independent reps and dealers.


Todd Holderness,

EVP of Sales, Fellowes Contract Interiors

Michelle built a government program and team at ESI/Fellowes over her 5 years adding millions of dollars in incremental government sales year over year. It is safe to say, Michelle is an experienced industry strategist, a savvy expert in the focused vertical markets we play in, and a growth-oriented leader.


Kay Sargent,

Sr Principal, Director of WorkPlace

Over my many years of working in the industry I have encountered few individuals with a deeper knowledge and understanding of government and public sector clients then Michelle Warren. Her expertise, experience working with the A&D community,  end-users, and creating rep and dealer programs is unmatched. I can highly recommend Michelle to aid in the development of a Federal sales strategy and approach.


Rich Sassone,

Principal, Integrity Contract Office

Michelle is a pleasure to work with and a wealth of GSA knowledge.  When I started my former position as Allseating’s Interim Director of Government Sales, she & took me under her wing” and shared her personal wisdom as well as teaching me where to go to find more answers on my own.  The more questions asked, the more apparent it became how knowledgeable she was is well as how connected she is to the public sector community.  I would highly recommend Michelle to any organization seeking guidance in the government/ public sector arena!