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The Trend Report Podcast: Women & Diversity in the Office Furniture Industry with Michelle Warren

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

The office furniture industry, as you likely know, is an amazing industry with a wide range of job opportunities. However, we’ve struggled with diversifying our workforce and leadership teams. I was excited for the opportunity to join Sid Meadows to chat about women and diversity in the office furniture industry. Listen in to learn more!

Introduction from Sid Meadows:

Michelle and I have known each other and worked around and with each other for many years. In fact, it’s pretty crazy how frequently our paths have crossed and intertwined. Even now, we don’t work together but we’ve both started our own businesses that support others in the contract interiors space.

One thing I admit readily is that Michelle’s face is not one you often see at the helm of a company in this industry. More often than not, the face you’re looking at looks much more like mine and that’s a shame.

The more voices and backgrounds and personalities you have at the table, the better the conversations you’ll have and the solutions you’ll find. That’s why it’s so important to invest in taking the time to diversify and make inclusion intentional.

Is this something your company needs more of? Listen in to hear all of Michelle’s tips.

In this Episode:

“Invite different people to have conversations. Different positions, different genders, different races... invite them to the table, even if they aren't necessarily by title a leader. Invite them. Invite them to the leader table and ask them their opinion.”

[02:28] Welcome to the show, Michelle!

[03:09] Learn more about Michelle and her background in the contract interiors industry.

[05:59] The relationships you develop in this industry are the most powerful part about it.

[07:31] What does she do with Catalyst Consulting?

[10:05] She’s found and learned about so many different businesses through Catalyst.

[11:15] Why has she moved into the government space?

[14:18] How the public sector differs from the private sector.

[16:11] Learn more about her experience in this industry as a woman.

[19:37] Ways bringing diverse voices to the table elevates the industry.

[20:57] Which is her favorite personality assessment?

[23:23] What advice would she give to leaders in the industry when working towards inclusion?

[26:30] Why Michelle thinks Dovetail is important?

[30:16] Common misconceptions about the office furniture industry.

[31:26] Hear some of the changes Michelle has been seeing in the industry.

[36:41] Michelle is now a writer. Learn more!

[39:37] I have a new podcast coming out! Check out The Amazing Entrepreneurs Club.

[41:25] Connect with Michelle.

Links & Resources:

Connect with Michelle:

Connect with Sid:

Embark CCT on Facebook

Sid on Clubhouse - @sidmeadows

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